AgieCharmilles Fi 240 CCS EDM – 2008

+GF+ AgieCharmilles Fi240CCS CNC Wire EDM
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
The new benchmark in machining speed
AgieCharmilles is pleased to propose the FI240CCS machining center with a Micro-processor numerical control, for the automatic machining of workpieces from roughing to finishing, automatic execution of elementary machining operations, machining cycles, part programs and any other operation necessary between programs.Specifications:Key Points
* Space saving compact design
* 56Rc Chrome harden table
* Heavy workpiece design without the lose of accuracy
* Low consumable cost filtration system
* 30° taper capability at max Z height
* 0.00002” resolution glass scales on all axes
* Industrial speed of 37sq. inches/hour
* Collision protection on all axes
* Rhenocast base for thermo stability and vibration dampening
* 3m/min XY travel speeds with ICP (Integrated Collision Protection)
* Under 30 Seconds Spark to Spark time (Turn off Generator, Cut wire, Thread wire, Turn on Generator)
* Thread and rethread 0.003″ diameter. (With Small wire kit option)Weight:5368 lbs