AgieCharmilles SP1 Die Sink Machine – 2010

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+GF+ AgieCharmilles SP1 Die Sink Machine
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Table Size: 19.6″ X 12.5″
Max X-Axis Travel: 12.5″
Max Y-Axis Travel: 9.8″
Max Z-Axis Travel: 9.8″
Work Tank Dims: 29″ X 17.7″ X 10.2″
Max Workpiece Weight: 600 Kg
Electrode Weight: 80 KgDimensions: 47.24″ x 63.38″ x 83.66″
Weight: 2,976

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
SP-1 Equipped with a System 3R Chuck model 3R 600.20 & Chiller
Magnetic Chuck for table 1O”x16″
Holders for Electrodes 3R type Box Model 3R-658.4E-S
Mounting Plates Model 3R-651. 7E.S Set of 8
Drawbars for Chucks Model 3R-605.2
Manual Chuck with two ground surfaces for vertical and Horizontal machining 3R-610.21-S