Blanchard 18-36 Grinder – ReManufactured

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Rebuilt 18-36 Blanchard Grinder
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

18-36Blanchard #5035 Remanufacture
I am pleased to provide you with a quote foraremanufactured new rebuildof an18-36Blanchard GrinderSerial #5035. (440 volts)ThisGrinderhasreceiveda complete rebuild to address the feed tables, wiring, ways, mag control, and overall condition.
Grinding Wheel Motor/Misc Motors
– The grinding wheel motorwasinspected, cleaned and tested, reconditioned, balanced, new bearings, assembled, tested, and painted.All other motors werereplaced with high efficiency motorsas needed.

Transmission, Right AngleGearbox, Infeed box
– All boxes wererebuilt with new bearings, bushings, and seals. All shafting wasinspected and replaced as needed. Gearing in poor condition wasreplacedwith new as required. All new gaskets wereinstalled.

Slideway Rebuild –Vertical & Horizontal
– All slideways wereinspected and scrappedflat to remove wear and correct a poor geometry condition. Slides with high wear requiredbuiltup plates to return the height to the original position. Slides werescrapped, flaked and mated to one another whenfinished. All gibs weremachined andrefitted.

Electrical Controls & Wiring
– All control wiring wasreplaced with new to include all switches. Starters werereplaced.

Dresser Arm
– The dresser armhousing in the wheelhead wasinspected and repaired as necessary.New dresser bar and dresser star arm were installed asneeded.

Rotary Table Bearing and Assembly
– The table bearingwasmachined, scrapped, and mated.
– The magnetic commutator ringwasreconditioned and new brushes were installed as needed.

Traverse Table Gearing
– The traverse table rack and gearing wasreplaced with new. New bushings wereinstalled in the feed shaft as required.

Wheelhead Feed Screw
– Thewheelhead feed screw and nut werereplaced as needed. New support bearings wereinstalled upon reassembly.

Mag Control
– A New Neutrol variable mag controlwasinstalled at assembly to give trouble free operation.
– Mag Chuckprovided has atleast 50% Mag lifeleft –which is well within manufacturer’s spec.

Chuck Body
– Chuck is included.

Paint & Preparation
– The castingsand all painted surfaces were painted with a coolant resistant paint which will hold up well in the environment at your facility.