Brother Speedio M140X1 – 2014

2014 Brother Speedio M140X1
CNC Drill & Tap
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Table Size 57.48″ x 20.08″
Table Load Capacity 1760 lbs
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Top 7.09”min./ 27.17”max.
X Axis Travel 7.9″
Y Axis Travel 17.3″
Z Axis Travel 12.0″
A Axis Travel 5 – -95 Deg
C Axis Travel 360 Deg
Distnace Between Table Top and Spindle Nose End 3.9 – 15.9”
Work Area Size D5.5
Max Table Load 88 lbs
Taper 30
Rapid Traverse Rates (X,Y,Z) 1969 IPM
Magazine Capacity 22 ATC
Chip-to-Chip / Tool-to-Tool Change Time 1.4sec. / .9sec
Spindle Speed 16,000 RPM

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Brother CNC-C00 Control with Built-In PLC
16,000 RPM CTSI Spindle
13.5/8.9 HP Main Spindle Motor – IPM Motor Type
BT-30 Taper, 22 Tool High-Speed ATC
2,000 RPM Turning Spindle with 5.5¨ Diameter Table
Air Assisted Tool Wash and Back Washing System
Auto Lubrication System
Chip Shower System
150L Coolant Tank
Complete Covers with Ceiling Cover and Safety Door Interlock System
Manual Pulse Generator
Work Light Kit (2-Lights)
Spindle Override
TURBO Rear Discharge MH250 Conveyor with Tank & Interface
Coolant Thru Spindle with 435 PSI High Pressure Pump
Renishaw OMP40 Spindle Probe Package
Tool Breakage Detector for MX1
High accuracy Mode B II C00 Control
Amano MJ-10 Filterless Mist Collection