Brown and Sharpe XCL UHA Validator CMM Machine

Brown and Sharpe XCL UHA Validator (Model 7107) for sale
CMM Machine
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Model 7107

Measuring Range (mm/in)
X 650/25.6
Y 1000/39.4
Z 650/25.6
Work Capacity (mm/in)
X 800/31.5
Y 1600/63
Z 690/27.2
Overall Dimensions (mm/in)
W 1400/55.1
D 1920/75.6
H 2820/111
Height of Worktable (mm/in) 814/32.0
Weights (kg/lbs)
Maximum Load on Table 1364/3000
Maximum Probe Weight 8.6/19
Gross System (Shipping) 3091/6800
Scale Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (um/m degree C)
X 8.3
Y 7.9
Z 8.3
Velocity (mm/sec / in/sec)
Maximum Linear 508/20.0
Maximum Axial 460/18.1
Maximum Acceleration (mm/sec2 / in/sec2)
Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Brown & Sharpe Xcel UHA Validator CMM Machine
3,000 LB Granite Table Capacity
Upgraded Hexagon Model H0098341F Pendant Controller
Renishaw PH10M Probe
Software Dongle, & Computer, (Loc. Pattern Shop Inspection Room)
CMM Weight 5500 lbs.
Mfg 1996