Brown & Sharpe BS 454 SF CMM – 2014

Brown & Sharpe BS 454 SF CMM

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

Work Capacity X 529 [20.8] Upper
X 608 [24] Lower
Y 1100 [43.3]
Z 458 [18.0]

Measuring Envelope X 355 [14]
Y 514 [20.2]
Z 353 [13.9]

CMM Specifications Details
4.5.4 SF Scanning
The 4.5.4 SF is designed to support all forms of standard probing, including single point probing, self-centering, as well as continuous high-speed scanning, the LSP-X1c supports probe extensions up to 115 mm in vertical orientation and 50mm horizontal orientation lengths. The LSP-X1c provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the contact surface.
The 4.5.4 SF focuses on economical portability, with a small footprint to fit anywhere dimensional inspection is needed. Its computer and interface boxes are integrated into one self-contained unit with locking wheels, adding an unparalleled level of mobility throughout the shop floor. The 4.5.4 SF also uses standard 110/220 volt outlets with no need for shop air. Other features such as advanced thermal isolation, temperature compensation, and covered ways contribute to the CMM’s overall durability in rugged shop floor environments.
DC800 Control System
The new DC800 controller from Hexagon Metrology brings the latest in metrology and motion control technology to Global CMMs. The DC family of controllers provides an expandable controller architecture and modern development environment allowing the implementation of new Adaptive Scanning Algorithms for a new level of scanning performance.
LSP-X1c Standard Probe Kit
The LSP-X1c is a fixed head quill mount version of the LSP-X1 that accomodates cranked styli and includes the following components:
• LSP-X1c Scanning Probe
• LSP-X1c Standard Stylus Kit, including:
(Qty. 1) Stylus holder M3, Aluminum
(Qty. 1) Stylus holder (5 x M3), Aluminum
(Qty. 2) Ball stylus Ø 1.5 mm x L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 4) Ball stylus Ø 3 mm x L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 2) Ball stylus Ø 3 mm x L 50 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Ball stylus Ø 5 mm x L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Ball stylus Ø 5 mm x L 50 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Ball stylus Ø 5 mm x L 75 mm, Steel
(Qty. 2) Mounting key
(Qty. 2) Mounting pin
• AC/DC Probe Interface
• LSP-X1c/h Auto Stylus Change Rack. Includes mounting legs, changer port rail and (qty. 3) single stylus changer ports
• Includes Tool Changer Software Option
Upgrade from PC-DMIS CAD with DCC Scanning to PC-DMIS CAD++
PC-DMIS CAD++ includes all of the features included in PC-DMIS CAD plus full
scanning support and sheet metal functions. Includes the PC-DMIS Autopath
module – exciting new measurement software technology that automatically
optimizes feature measurement and probe path creation. Includes PC-DMIS
Upgrade from Legacy Jogbox to Universal Jogbox (UJB) Base Unit
Hexagon’s Universal Jogbox is our next generation handheld input device with
improved ergonomics, reliability, and a touch screen user interface for maximum
flexibility. The base unit can be optionally upgraded to include a PC-DMIS
interface that allows the user to directly interact with PC-DMIS, eliminating much
of the time consuming back and forth to the PC.
Measurement Volume Lighting – LED Lighting
Sometimes measuring tasks require a brightly illuminated work area. Rather than improvise fixed or
handheld solutions, this feature provides an engineered solution to illuminate the 4.5.4 SF measuring
volume with bright LED lights that turn on automatically when the CMM is powered on.
Probe Qualification Sphere
25 mm diameter ceramic qualification sphere equipped with a 30 degree angled
support, for accessibility. The 140 mm angled support is assembled with an extra
tall mounting base for machines with greater daylight between the probe and work
surface. Assembly stands a total height of 264 mm from the work surface.
Dell Optiplex 7010 Minitower or current model
PROCESSOR: CORE i5 3470 Processor (3.2GHz, 6MB)
RAM: 6GB, Non-ECC, 1600MHz DDR3
HD: 250GB 3.5, SATA 6.0Gb/s and 8MB Data Burst Cache
DVD: 16X DVD+/-RW SATA, Data Only
MOUSE: Dell MS111 USB Optical Mouse
OS: Windows 7 Professional (64Bit OS)
LAN: 1 Onboard Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Plus 1 Additional Gigabit NIC
PORTS: 2 Serial Ports
15” LCD Touchscreen (1024×768) or current model

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