Bystronic BySprint 6000 Watt Fiber Laser Quote (2015)

Bystronic BySprint 6000 Watt Fiber Laser for sale – Used CNC Laser for sale

ByVision CNC Control with many control options
– Hard disk, USB 2.0 interface, Network card
– DVD-RW drive for fast updates, Windows 7 operating system
– Touch-screen functions, Standard PC keyboard (US version)

Cutting Area — X is 120” — Y is 60” – Z is 2.75” Automatic nozzle changer with 40 positions Additional window option on machine TG-6 Dust Collection System (Donaldson Torit) Byloader 3015 Workpiece Weight max is 1962 lbs Edge Detection Hand-held controller Piercing Jet cools the piercing site ByPos Fiber automatically sets focal position Brass Brush Table Mounted Nozzle Cleaner Cooling unit for Fiber 6000 Shuttle-table system with 2 shuttle tables contains removable serrated steel grates Closed cutting area/roof, Reduction of noise, Odor and dust emissions Scrap bins on rollers