BYSTRONIC Bystar 4020 4400 Watt Laser – 2006

BYSTRONIC Bystar 4020
6′ x 12′, 4400 Watt Co2 Laser

Maximum Laser Power: 4400 Watt Co2
Table Size: 6′ x 12′
Positioning System Design: Flying Optic
Type Of Resonator: Bystronic
X Axis Travel: 160 inches
Y Axis Travel: 80 inches
Z Axis Travel: 4.9 inches
Number of Tables: 2
Type of CNC Control: Bystronic PC Based CNC

Bystronic PC Based CNC Controls, 80″ x 160″ Dual Pallet Shuttle Tables, 4400 Watt Co2 Resonator, Bystronic Automated Material Loading Arm, Chiller Unit, Dust Collector.