Bystronic Xcite 80E (80/2050E) CNC Press Brake – 2015

Bystronic Xcite 80 E (80/2050E) CNC Press Brake
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Maximum Tonnage 88
Bending Length 80.7”
Standard Stroke 6.69”
Open Height: 22″
Distance Between the Side Stands 86.8”
Max. Backgauge Range in X 41.33”
X-Axis Travel 23.62”
X-Axis Speed 650mm/s
R-Axis Travel 9.84”
R-Axis Speed 200 mm/s
Max. Y-Rapid Traverse 150 mm/s
Max Y-Working Speed 25 mm/s
Main Motor Power 30 HP
Size 131” x 80” x 103”
Weight 15,000 lbs

Stroke Length 5.9″
Throat Depth 24″
Rapid Approach 354 IPS
Max Speed – Press Speed 59 IPS
Max Speed – Return Speed: 354 IPS
Open Height 21.65”

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Touchscreen Control
Upper and Lower Beam
Bystronic Byvision 3D Touch Screen Graphical Control
4 Axis High Speed Backgauge
Bystronic RFA Tool Clamping
Hydraulic Upper/Lower Tool Clamping
Dual Electric Motor Drives on Ram
Dual Front Supports
Remote Operators Foot Pedal Workstation