Chiron FZ15S 5-Axis – 2007

SKU: Chiron-FZ15S-5-Axis-2007 ,


Travel X-Y-Z730-400-360 mm

Power, max.12 kW (20%ED) 12 kW (20%ED) 12 kW (20%ED)

Spindle speed, 12,000 rpm

Chip-to-chip time from  2,40 s

Axis acceleration, max. X-Y-Z7-10-12 m/s2

Rapid feed, max.75 m/min

Number of tools, 24

Tool taper HSK A-63

Tool diameter, max.78 mm

Tool length, max.300 mm


Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):

Siemens 840D

**No Coolant Pan

Tilting Rotary Table