Cincinnati Lancer V5-2000 5-Axis – 1997

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1997 Cincinnati Lancer V5-2000 with Rotary Table

5/6-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center


Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

Travel: x-80” y-30” z-36”

15,000 RPMs

A & B Axis +/-40deg with C Axis( a 12” Troyke 4th Axis) – All can run simultaneously

AT 21 tools


Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):

Siemens Achromatic 2100E Control

12” Troyke 4th Axis Table

5-Axis Machining Center Plus Rotary Table = 6 Axis – All Can run Simultaneously

50+ tool holders HSK63 go with it

2 chip conveyors

Through the spindle coolant

Niagara chip wash