Citizen K16VIIP – 2005

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Citizen K16-VIIP CNC Swiss Lathe

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max. Bar Diameter 16mm (.63″)
Max. Machine Length 200mm (7.87″)
Max. Front Drill Diameter 10mm (.39)
Max. Front Tap Size M8 (W/Tap & Die)
Main Spindle Indexing .001 Degree
Spindle Speed Main 15,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 2.2 / 3.7 KW
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 6000 RPM
Rotary Tool Motor 1.3 / 2 HP
Back Spindle Maximum Diameter 16mm (.63″)
Back Spindle Front Ejection Maximum Length 40mm (1.57″)
Back Spindle Speeds 10,000 RPM
Number Of Tools To Be Mounted 18
Number of Gang Tool Post (Turning) 6
Number Of Gang Tool Post (Live) 4
Max. Drill Dia. For BW 6mm (.024″)
Max. Tap Dia. For BW M5
Tools For Front Spindle 4
Tools For Back Spindle 4
Back Tool Post 3 Modular Stations
Machine Weight 4,629 LBS.

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Cincom system fs31i Fanuc
Lns 220 express barfeeder.
Has back spindle
Main 15k rpm
Sub is 10k. Rpm
Milling tooling 6k rpm