Cubic Diamond 32CSL – 2006

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Cubic Diamond 32CSL CNC Swiss-Type Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Working Range
Max. Machining Dia. 35 mm
Max. Machining Length Per Chucking 268 mm
Max. Drilling Dia. 26 mm
Max.Tapping Dia. M16
Tooling System
O.D. Tooling 6
O.D. Tool Dimension 16 x 16 x 120
I.D. Tooling 2
I.D. Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Cross Side Tooling 6
Cross Side Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Cross Spindle Speed 200~6000 r.p.m.
Bevel Drill / Mill Tool Holes and Speed (Optional) 3
100~6000 r.p.m.
Front Drilling Holes (Optional) 2
Back Drilling Holes (Optional) 3
Back Tool Holes 4
Spindle Hole Dia. 38 mm
Spindle Speed 200~8000 r.p.m.
Back Spindle Back Spindle Hole Dia. 33 mm
Back Spindle Speed 200~8000 r.p.m.
Max. Length for Front Ejection 70 mm
Max. Part Projection Length 120 mm
Max. Back Drilling Dia. 16 mm
Max. Back Tapping Dia. M12
Rapid Speed
X1, Z1 Axis 18 m/min
X2, Z2 Axis 18 m/min
Y1 Axis 18 m/min
Main Spindle Motor 5.5 kw
Back Spindle Motor 2.2 kw (7.0 kw with M70)
X1 / X2 Axis Motor 1 kw
Z1 / Y1 / Z2 Axis Motor 0.5 kw
B Axis Motor 0.75 kw (with M65) / 1 kw (with M70/M730)
Y2 Axis Motor (Optional) 1 kw
Cross Driven Spindle Motor 1.5 kw
Bevel Driven Spindle Motor 0.4 kw
Back Off-center Driven Spindle Motor 0.75 kw (1 kw option Y2 axis)
Coolant Pump 0.75 kw x 2
Lubrication 4 w x 2
Machine Dimensions
Center Height 960 mm
Weight 3988 kg
Machine Dimension 2480 x 1280 x 1780
Air Pressure
Air Pressure 5 kg/cm
Air Supply 10 L/min

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Poly Gim (Mitsubishi??) CNC Control
Chip Conveyor
Parts Catcher and Exit Conveyor