DMG Deckel Maho DMC-340U (2-Pallet) – 2008

2008 DMG Deckel Maho DMC-340U (2-Pallet)
5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center
**Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Work range
Traveling range
X axis 110”
Y axis 133”
Z axis 62.99”
Spindle Speed 15,000 RPM
Max Motor Max 100kW
Spindle Torque 179Nm
Feedrate variable programmable
X, Y, Z axis 393 IPM
C axis 70 IPM
Rapid feed
X axis 2362 IPM
Y axis 1181 IPM
Z axis 1574 IPM
Tool holder taper HSK-A100
NC rotary table
Clamping surface 98” x 78.7”
Holding torque of table plate at 100 % ED. 80 000 Nm
Holding torque of clamping 40 000 Nm
Max. rotation of table plate 5 RPM
Resolution of measuring system 0,001 Degree
Allowable loading of the table 2,200 lbs
Magazine stations 120

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
DMG 3D Siemens 840D powerline CNC Control
2 Pallet Changer
Chip Conveyor