DMG Mori DMU50 (5-Axis) – 2017

DMG Mori  DMU-50-PR 5 Axis Machining Center Generation 2

Specifications and Equipment

Max. X-axis travel: 25.6″
Max. Y-axis travel: 20.5″
Max. Z-axis travel: 18.7″
Max. table load: 661 lbs
Table diameter: 24.8″
Max. workpiece height: 11.8″
Spindle Taper: HSK63
Spindle speeds: 20000 RPM
Main Motor Drive: 35 HP
Tool Capacity: 60
Current Electrics: 230/400/3/60
Utilization: 200 Hours

Equipped With:

S840DSL Celos ErgoLine Siemens, 1000 PSI Coolant, Table and Spindle Probe.
CELOS Siemens, 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining with Rigid Swivel Rotary
Table, Probe, Chip Conveyor, MICRO COMPACT nt Tool Measure, Swivel range
of the B-axis -5/+110 Table load up to 661.4 lb, Siemens Sentron PAC3200
Power Meter, 3D quickSET, Misc HSK Kennemetal Hydraulic Holders (20)
Two Faced Contac Tooling, Center Thru Coolant, Scraper, Rotary Window,
Magna Scales, Calibration Ball for Turn/Axis Center Correction
Table Probe, Spindle Probe