DMG Mori NHX4000 (5-Pallet) – 2019

DMG MORI NHX 4000 with 5CPP (Pallet Pool)

X 22″
Y 22″
Z 26″
POWER 50 hp
RPM 20,000 RPM
# ATC 240
PALLET-W 15.7″
PALLET-L 15.7″
# AXIS 4
CONTROL CNC (Fanuc F31iB Control)

Fanuc F31iB Control with CELOS (MAPPS V) ERGOline Touch
5CPP Pallet Pool
Minimum pallet indexing angle is 0.001 °
Tool Storage Capacity 240 Tools Rack-type magazine
Coolant gun for setup station side
Oil skimmer
Sludge collecting function inside coolant tank
In-machine measuring system (spindle) touch sensor
(Renishaw OMP60) + workpiece setter
Tool breakage detection system
Water-glycol chiller (spindle cooling)
Manual pulse generator (separate type)
Full closed loop control (Scale feedback)
Chip Conveyor