DN Solutions Puma TT2100SYYB – 2022

DN Solutions Puma TT2100SYYB (Doosan) Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max Turning Diameter (Upper Turret) 9.1 in
Max Turning Diameter (Lower Turret) 9.1 in
Max Turning Length 9.1 in
Through Hole Diameter (Left Spindle) 3.2 in
Through Hole Diameter (Right Spindle) 3 in
Travel Distance X1-axis 6.5 in
Travel Distance Z1-axis 27.5 in
Travel Distance X2-axis 6.5 in
Travel Distance Z2-axis 27.5 in
Rapid Traverse Y-axis 3.9±2 in
Travel Distance A-axis 28.7 in
Rapid Traverse X-axis 1,181 in./min
Rapid Traverse Y-axis 590 in./min
Rapid Traverse Z-axis 1,575 in./min
Rapid Traverse C-axis 600 rpm
Chuck Size 10/8 in.
Speed 3,500/5,000 rpm
Power 30/25 Hp
Torque 180/164 ft-lbs
Shank BMT-55
Turret Stations 2 x 12/Turret
Boring Bar Diameter 1.2 in
Rotary Tool Speed 5,000 rpm
Rotary Tool Power 10 Hp
Rotary Tool Torque 34.7 ft-lbs
Length 155 in.
Height 88.6 in
Width 93 in.
Weight 21,170 lbs.
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
DN Solutions Fanuc i Series
Part Unloader System
Edge Technologies Barfeed