Doosan Z290-SMY – 2006

Doosan Z290SMY Twin Spindle Lathe, Twin Turret CNC Lathe with Milling and Y-Axis

General Specifications
Swing Over Bed: 18.4″
Machining Diameter: 11.6″
Machining Length: 22″
Bar Capacity: 2.6″
Z1-Axis Travel: 24″
X1-Axis Travel: 6.2″
Z2-Axis Travel: 24″
X2-Axis Travel: 6.2″
Y-Axis Travel: 3.2″
C1-Axis Travel: 360.000
C2-Axis Travel: 360.000
B-Axis Travel: 22.8″
Rapid Traverse (Z1): 30m/min
Rapid Traverse: (Z2,X1,X2,B): 24m/min
Main Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor: 15/18.5 KW
Sub Spindle Speed: 4,500 RPM
Sub Spindle Motor: 5.5 KW
Number of Turret Stations: 2 x 12 (2 x 6 Driven)
Maximum Driven Tool Speed: 3,000 RPM
Driven Tool Motor: 5.5 KW

Equipped With
Fanuc 18i-TB Control
Powergrip Hydraulic 10” and 6” Chucks
Sauter Live tool holders
Parts catcher
Coolant System
Chip Conveyor