FMB Turbo 8-80 12′ Barfeed – 2011

FMB Turbo 8-80 / 4200 “A” Barfeed
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Bar Capacity: 8 to 83mm (.31” – 3.26”)
Bar Length: 12’

The FMB Turbo 8-80 is an Automatic Magazine style
Bar Feeder designed for feeding round, square and
hexogonal bar material into CNC lathes. Polyurethane
guide channels allow for quiet operation at high RPM.
The Turbo 8-80 is compatible with all kinds of fixed
headstock lathes.

The FMB Turbo 8-80 is designed for automatically feeding
round, square or hexagonal bar stock into CNC lathes.

Oil filled polyurethane guide channels provide the ideal guiding
system while reducing noise and vibration to a minimum.
Sturdy base structure due to the use of gray cast iron for the
machine bed.

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Extended Capacity Rack