Fryer HR-60 – 2012

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Fryer HR-60 CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Table Size 24” x 73”
Table Load Capacity 4000 lbs
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Center 3” to 33”
X Axis Travel 60”
Y Axis Travel 38”
Z Axis Travel 30”
Spindle Nose 50
Spindle Speed 6,000 RPM
Main Motor 55 HP
Floor Space w/Chip Conveyor 170” x 100” x 110”
Weight 15,000 lbs estim.

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fryer 2100 CNC (Siemens 840D)
(OPT-2100) Offline Programming Software
OPT-2122) Heidenhain Glass Scale Feedback X&Y (OPT-2124) Heindenhain Glass Scale Feedback-Z Marpos Wireless Tool and Part Probe Package (OPT-0602) Remote Electronic Handwheel
High Speed Network Interface
(OPT-2154) 4th Axis Surface Cycles (OPT-9200) Spare M Function
(OPT-4208) 2 Speed Auto Gear Head (OPT-4212) 50 Taper Spindle
38” Y-Travel
4th axis drive and wiring
Troyke Model NC-30 Rotary Table Estimated Run Time 2000 Hours