Gallmeyer & Livingston – Grand Rapids Model 570 Grinder

Gallmeyer and Livingston Model 570 for sale
Hydraulic Surface Grinder

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Gallmeyer and Livingston Grinder Model 570
Recently Rebuilt. Fully Automatic – It was rebuilt about a year ago. It was refurbished by Grand Rapids Machine Repair. I believe they rescraped all the ways and gibs. It runs smooth and all functions work as they should.

Grand Rapids Grinder
Gallmeyer & Livingston 16” x 36” Hydraulic Surface Grinder, Model 570
Working Surface of Table 16” x 36”
Standard Wheel Size 14” x 1 ½” x 5”
Maximum Distance from Wheel to Table under 14” Wheel 18”
Distance Center of Spindle to Bottom of Spindle Housing 3”
Spindle Speeds 1750 & 2100 RPM
Hydraulic Pump Motor 3 HP, 1140 RPM
Spindle Drive Motor 7 ½ HP, 1750 RPM
Floor Space 195” x 80”
Weight 12,100 lbs.
Comes with misc grinding wheels, runs great!