Ganesh Genturn-52TTMY – 2015

Ganesh Genturn-52TTMY
Dual-Turret Dual-Spindle CNC Mill/Turn Center
New April 2015 / Delivered Late 2015

Swing 7.48″
Machining Length 15.75″
# Axis 8
Bar Capacity 2″
Chuck Size 6″
Max. Turning Diam. 6.7″
Power 20 hp
Max RPM 6,000 RPM
Tailstock No
Live Tooling Yes
Sub Spindle Yes

Equipped With: 8-Axis Mill / Turn Center with a true linear “Y”-Axis Dual 16-Station Live Tool Turrets with 32-Driven Tool Stations Finished Parts Pick-Off Unit with Parts Conveyor, Bar loader Interface Head-wall air blast and coolant outlets for main, subspindle & thru turret Dual coolant pumps with coolant flow sensor monitoring for driven tool turrets Dual coolant pumps for external coolant, chip flushing and chip wash-down Dead-Length collet chuck on Main & Sub for each spindle Chip Conveyor (42″ Barrel height with air-curtain lean-off) BMT-65 Toolholders

OEM Specifications
Turning diameter: 7.48″ (190mm) maximum,6.7″ (170mm)
Turning length/Center distance: 15.75″ (400mm)/36.22″ (920mm) between

Spindle nose / Bearing Diameter: A2-5
Spindle Bar Capacity: 2.0″ (51mm)
Chuck Size: 6″
Spindle Center Height: 46.45″ (1,180mm)
Maximum spindle speed: 6,000 RPM Integral (4,000 RPM Hi Torque)
Spindle motor horsepower: 20 HP Peak, 15 HP (30 Min. Duty Rating)

Number of turret stations: 32
Index time
(adjacent tool/180 Deg. Index): 0.2 Seconds/1.2 Seconds High Speed
Live Tool Power / RPM: 7 HP/ 6,000 RPM, 14.75 ft lbs. (20Nm)
Tool Size: 25mm (for square tool and round tool)
Collet Size: ER-32 Tool Holder Type & Size:BMT-65
Base Mount Tooling
Turret Thru-The-Tool-Coolant: Rated to 1,000 PSI for High Pressure Cool
Y axis travel: 2.75″ of travel-1.378″ off of Y Axis Y
axis Rapid Feed Rate: 236 IPM (6m per minute)

Spindle Radial Resolution: 360,000 Radial Positions w/ Contouring

“B” AXIS (sub spindle travel)
Distance Between Spindles: 36″ (914mm)
B Axis Rapid Traverse Rate: 1,573 IPM (40m per minute)
B Axis Travel: 25.59″ (650mm)

Axis Travel-X1, X2- Axis: 5.9″ (150mm)/9.05″ (230mm)
Axis Travel-Z1, Z2- Axis: 17.32″ (440mm)/17.32 (440mm)
Rapid Travers Rate-X1, X2 -Axis: 630 IPM (16m/minute)
Rapid Travers Rate-Z1, Z2 – Axis: 1,574 IPM (40m/minute)
Minimum Programmable Input: 0.0001″ (0.001mm = 40 millionths inch)

Hydraulic System: 10.5 Gal. (40 Liters)/3 HP (2.2kw) Motor
Coolant Pumps – Dual Coolant Pumps: (2) 1.7 HP Pumps for Tooling/Chip Flush
Coolant Tank: 70 Gallon (280 Liters)
Machine Weight: 22,751 lbs (10,320 kg)
Electrical Requirement: 49.5 KVA (220VAC +5%, 3 Phase,60hz,131amp
Air Requirement: 85 PSI @ 8-cfm for parts catcher, ejector
Machine Dimensions: 165″ x 88″ x 84″

Automatic operator door – installed (pneumatic control): $6,995.00
6″ Hydraulic Chuck: $2,995.00
Renishaw Tool Setter – Plug-in style Tool Setter – installed: $7,995.00
Voltage Stabilizers & Transformers (Specify voltage): P.O.R
FIRETRACE Fire suppression system – installed: $7,495.00
See Fire Waiver in Ganesh Terms and Conditions
Mistbuster-850 Mist Oil Filtration System
Coolant oil chiller unit – (36,000 BTU’s) to control coolant
MP-Systems High Pressure Coolant System

Additional tooling & accessories available …. PRICE ON REQUEST

Rigging, shipping, installation and training quoted separately
Service and Parts available from Expand Machinery, Chatsworth Ca

Equipped With:
Available: list of tool holders in the machine turrets that are extra to the
ones in the picture on the table:
13 pcs. 1-1/4 ID tool holders
14 pcs. OD tool holders
4 Radial Live Tools
4 Axial Live Tools
11 Metric tool holders

Bar loader has a 2” pusher with 6 collets
1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-3/8, 1-1/2, 1-9/16, 1-3/4

“To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. Itis the buyer’s responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage aninspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase