Giddings & Lewis 48 VTC VTL – 1991

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Complete 1991 Model VTC refurbished to current standards; includes electro servo drives; variable speeds; 62″ swing; table speed range (4-400 RPM); 50hp table drive; single piece bed & column; adjustable crossrail; rail HT scale & pointer; rotating spindle ram head w/30″ travel; coolant system; NO. 60 ANSI taper spindle; 44 & 30 station tool ATC; 15 position tool setup pedestal w/casters; 48″ diameter pallet chucks; C-axis table drive; chip conveyor; control upgrades include Pentium upgrade to numeric patch station with complete integration to machine controls; new circuit boards and fiber optic cables/circuitry; includes updated air conditioner, RAM, new bladders, & C-axis inductosyn scale. Live Tooling.