G&L CNC VTL Fanuc Retrofit (1972)

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(Retrofitted) G&L CNC VTL

CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

48” diameter table, 60” swing, complete with 4 independent chuck jaws

Manual, 4 jaw chuck

60” under the rail, approx. 50” under the ram

42” Z axis vertical slide

Ram has a four position tool turret

6” X axis – horizontal slide travel

24”  U axis travel (horizontal travel on side head)

Side head has a 4 station turret

Sewn bellows way covers, some are new

Hardened and ground ways

Machine weight is 65000 Lbs.

Fanuc Oi-TD CNC Control (Retrofitted)

Machine was New in 1972 but has very little use.


This machine is currently wired to run on 230VAC.  This machine does have a transformer with it for 460V input.

50HP General Electric DC spindle motor. – Motor has been sent out for cleaning, testing, and new bearings

New Fanuc Oi-TD controls with 10.4” color LCD and a standard Fanuc keypads and operator’s buttons/switches, mounted in a stainless steel operators pendant.  Also has new table encoder and a new spindle drive.  We did retain the DC Gettys motors and axis drives.  The Gettys motors and the drives have proven to be quite durable and reliable for many years.

Includes all original machine documentation, including parts manuals, operators and maintenance manuals as well as all Fanuc books and new electrical drawings


This machine was purchased from a government facility and showed very little use.. The machine is finished and tested.  There are sheet metal covers and bellows style way covers that are not on the machine for the pictures.  Several bellows covers are brand new.  The old inductosyn scales were replaced with new glass scales for linear position feedback.  New Fanuc Series Oi-TD control has been installed.  Main drive motor was sent to a motor shop for cleaning, inspection, new bearings, and thorough testing.  Lubrication system was gone thru with all new meter units and filters.  Ways are nearly flawless and show no wear.  Table is 48″ with a 60″ swing.  Both the ram and the side head have four position turrets.  Control is dual path capable, so the side head and ram can be programmed to cut simultaneously.  Machine is wired, assembled and can be powered up and shown.  Covers are not on so you can see the condition of ways and ball screws.