Haas DS-30Y – 2011

Haas DS30Y for sale
CNC Turning Center with Milling and Y-Axis
Over Front Apron 31.75 ”
Over Cross Slide 20.75 ”
Over Second Spindle 21.75 ”
Max Cutting Diameter (varies with turret) 18.0 ”
Max Cutting Length (without workholding) 23 ”
Bar Capacity 2.0 ”

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Haas CNC Control
Automatic Tool Presetter
Belt-Type Chip Conveyor
HT Live Tools with C Axis
Rigid Tapping
Spindle Orientation
VB-Inch Turret for Y-Axis DS
Dual Spindle CNC Lathe with Y-Axis

**8.3” Hydraulic Chuck, A2-5
**10” Hydraulic Chuck, A2-6

**Must be verified by buyer