Haas EC-1600ZT – 2017

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Haas EC1600ZT  CNC Horizontal Machining Center with Integrated 4th axis Rotary Table

X-Axis 64″
Y-Axis 50″
Z-Axis 40″
Length 64″
Width 36″
T-Slot width 5/8″
T-Slot center distance 4.92″
Max. weight on table (evenly distributed) 10,000 lb
Max. Rating 40 HP
Max. Speed 7,500 RPM
Max. Torque 450 ft-lb @5,000 RPM
Drive system 2-speed geared head
Taper CT50
4th Axis (OPT):
Max. Rating 5.0 HP
Table 64″x32″
Platter diameter 30″
Max. weight on platter 10,000 lb
Rotational torque (continuous) 2000 ft-lb
Backlash 30 arc-sec
Gear ratio 500:1
Brake torque 4000 ft-lb
Min resolution 5 deg
Rapids on X,Y & Z 540 in/min
Max. cutting 500 in/min
Axis Motors:
Max. Thrust X & Y 5600 lb
Max. Thrust Z 7500 lb
Tool Changer:
Capacity 30+1
Max Tool Diameter (adjacent empty) 10″
Max Tool Diameter (full) 4″
Max Tool Diameter (from gage line) 20″
Max Tool Weight 30 lb
Tool-to-Tool (avg) 10.3 sec
Chip-to-Chip (avg) 12.6 sec
Air required 9 scfm, 100 psi
Coolant capacity 95 gal


50 Taper Spindle, Full Enclosure
7500 rpm Geared spindle
Thur Spindle Coolant High Pressure 300 PSI
4th Axis Rotary Table,
30 ATC Side Mount
Remote Job Handle, Rigid Tapping
Wips intuitive probe renishaw
(2) Chip Auguers with chip conveyor
High speed machining
auxiliary coolant filtration
automatic coolant refill system
coolant tank oil skimmer
enclosure exhaust system
ethernet interface
internal high voltage isolated transformer
Media display M-code
Note: New Price $412,000.00