Haas ST-20 with Milling – 2020

SKU: Haas-ST-20-Chucker-with-Milling-2013-1-1 ,

Haas ST20 with Milling CNC Turning Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max Part Swing 21.0 in
Max Cutting Diameter (with BOT turret) 13.00 in
Max Cutting Diameter (with BMT65 turret) 11.75 in
Max Cutting Length (varies with workholding) 22.5 in
Bar Capacity 2.50 in
X Axis 8.4 in
Z Axis 22.5 in
Rapids on X 945 ipm
Rapids on Z 945 ipm
Max Thrust X 4100 lbf
Max Thrust Z 5100 lbf
Spindle Nose A2-6
Drive System Direct Speed, Belt Drive
Max Rating 20.0 hp
Max Speed 4000 rpm
Max Torque 150.0 ft-lbf @ 500 rpm
Spindle Bore ø 3.50 in
Number of Tools 12 Stations

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Haas CNC Control
– 4000rpm Live Tooling with C-axis, 12 station BMT65 turret
– auto tool presetter
– chip conveyor
– programmable tailstock
– WiFi camera
– 10″ hyd chuck upgrade
– driven toolholder 90 degree and straight for BMT65