Haas ST-25Y with APL – 2020

Haas ST25Y with APL (Auto Parts Loader) Multi-Axis CNC Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Chuck Size 10.0 in
Max Part Swing 21.0 in
Max Cutting Diameter (with BMT65 turret) 11.75 in
Max Cutting Length (varies with workholding) 22.5 in
Bar Capacity 3.00 in
X Axis 8.4 in
Y Axis ± 2.0 in
Z Axis 22.5 in
Rapids on X 472 ipm
Rapids on Y 472 ipm
Rapids on Z 945 ipm
Max Thrust X 4100 lbf
Max Thrust Y 2300 lbf
Max Thrust Z 5100 lbf
Spindle Nose A2-6
Max Rating 30.0 hp
Max Speed 3400 rpm
Max Torque 300.0 ft-lbf @ 500 rpm
Spindle Bore ¯ 3.50 in

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Haas CNC Control
HPC (through tool)
6000 RPM Live tooling upgrade
C axis
24 station Half index BMT65 turret
Automatic Tool Presetter
Belt chip conveyor
coolant maintenance pack
jet air blast
Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock – MT4 Morse Taper
WiFi camera
Internal high voltage transformer
Remote jog with touch screen
APL-10-25 (Auto parts loader).