Haas ST-30Y – 2015

HAAS ST30Y Lathes, CNC (3-Axis or More)

Type of CNC Control: Haas
Number of Axes: 5
Number of Spindles: 1
Chuck Size: 10″
Spindle Bore: 3″
Max. Swing over Bed: 12.5″
Max. Turning Diameter: 18″
Max. Turning Length: 26″
Spindle Nose: A2-6
X-Axis Travel: 12.5″
Z-Axis Travel: 26″
No. Positions on Turret: 12 Station
Spindle Speed Range: 3,400 RPM
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Rate: 4100 lbf
Z-Axis Rapid Feedrate: 5100 lbf
Max Thrust Y: 2300 lbf
Live Tooling: yes
Live Tooling: See Specs Below
Milling Spindle Speed Range: 4000 rpm
Max. Rating on Live Tooling: 5 hp
Tooling Style: BMT65
Number of Tools – in Turret: 12 Stations Live
Spindle HP: 30 hp
Dimensions: 171″ x 90″ x 98″
Machine Weight: 14,300 LBS

Haas CNC Control
Pendant Control
Chip Conveyor
Bar Feeder
Parts Catcher
Live Tooling
Y Axis
Tool Presetter