Haas VF-2 with 30,000 RPM – 2017

HAAS VF2 BT30 30000 RPM Spindle CNC MIll

X Axis Travel: 30″
Y Axis Travel: 16″
Z Axis Travel: 20″
Rapid Rate X Axis: 1,000 IPM
Rapid Rate Y Axis: 1,000 IPM
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 1,000 IPM
Table Size: 36″ x 14″
Max Table Load: 3,000 LBS
Spindle Motor: 20 HP
Spindle Speed: 30,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: 30 BT
Tool Changer: 30ATC
Max Torque 90 ft-lbf
Max Thrust X 2550 lbf
Max Thrust Y 2550 lbf
Max Thrust Z 4200 lbf
Max Tool Diameter 3.5″
Max Tool Weight 12 lb
Tool-to-Tool (avg) 4.2 s
Chip-to-Chip (avg) 4.5 s
Dimensions: 101″ x 99″ x 101″
Weight: 7,800 LBS

Equipped With:
HAAS CNC Control
Programmable Coolant
Chip Auger
4th Axis Drive
5th Axis Drive
1 GB of Memory
Haas Exhaust System
30+1 Side Mount ATC
Fire Trace Suppression
5th Axis Not Included