Haas VF-2SS – 2014

Haas VF2SS Used CNC Mill

Table size 36″x14″
Max table load 1,500 lbs
X axis travel 30″
Y axis travel 16″
Z axis travel 20″
Spindle taper CAT #40
Spindle speed 12,000 RPM
Spindle motor 30 HP – Direct Drive
Spindle nose to table top 4″ – 24″
Number of tool positions 24 + 1 Position Side Mount
Max tool weight 12 lbs.
Rapid feed rate (x,y,z) 1,400 IPM
Cutting feed rate 0.1 – 833 IPM
Machine dimensions 98″x92″x100
Machine weight (approximately) 7,800 lbs

24+1 Position Side Mounted Tool Changer
Auger Style Chip Conveyor
Renishaw Probe System Tool & Part Probing
User Definable Macros
M19 Spindle Orientation
Coordinate Rotation & Scaling
Compensation Tables
Rigid Tapping
3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive Interface
RS 232C Port Interface for DNC Operation