Handtmann PBZ NT 600 5X Profiling Mill – 2007

Handtmann PBZNT600 5X Profiling Mill
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
X-Axis: 284.6″
Y-Axis: 43.25″
Z-Axis: 33.50″
C-Axis: +/- 200 degrees
A-Axis: +/- 120 degrees
Milling Spindle:
Max Spindle Speed: 28,000 RPM
Tool Taper: HSK-63F
Power: 18HP (continuous) and 25HP (30 minute)
Machining and Positioning Speeds:
Y & Z-Axis: 1764 IPM/min
X-Axis: 3543 IPM

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Siemens 840 D CNC Control
36-Slot ATC (1 saw blade [if saw blade or angled is used, max tools is 34])
Chip Conveyor
Tool Monitor (height, diameter, and breakage)
Dual Drive X axis
Telediagnostic system