Hardinge GS51 – 2014

Hardinge GS51 Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Carriage and Cross Slide
Swing Dia. Over Way Cover – Max. 17.99”
X Axis Travel Max 5.75”
Z-Axis Travel Max 15.98”
Traverse X and Z 1181 IPM

Collet Ready Spindle Config – ANSI A2-6 / 20C
Draw Tube Type Hydraulic
Through Draw Tube Capacity 2”
Gripping Capacity with Step Chuck & Closer 5.9”
Machining Diameter – Max 11.18”
Turning Length – Max 15.98”
Hang Weight with Device & Component 105 lbs
Spindle Centreline Height 39.37”
Operator’s Reach to Spindle 11.02”

Peak Power Rating 14 HP
Torque Rating 111 ft/lbs
Max Speed 5000 RPM

No. of Stations 12
Live Tooling 4.9 HP
Live Tooling Speed 5000 RPM

Machine 97” (135” with CC) x 63” x 70”

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc Series Oi-TD CNC Control
Sub Spindle
Chip Conveyor