Helmel Microstar CMM (2017)

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2017 Helmel Microstar CMM


Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

120” x 72” x 42” XYZ travels, footprint more like 14’ x 10’ x 10’

Renishaw probes & cables

8,000lb workpiece capacity

Comes with computer & Helmel programming software


Dual beam bridge design

Bearings, ways, drives and scales are covered

Precision bearings on hardened and ground ways

Air bearing on outboard leg

Non-contact optical steel scales mounted on steel structure

.5µm (.000020”) Resolution

Granite base

3/8-16 clamping inserts

Wired for Renishaw Touch Trigger Probes

Separate Electronic/Computer Cabinet

Rugged 3-axis joystick

Latest computer hardware

Flat panel LCD monitor

Pull-out keyboard with GEOMET Keystroke Magic™ key labels

GEOMET 501 DCC software

Training part and manual

1” (25.4mm) calibration sphere

thermal compensation

rack for probe ‘tool changes