HEM H105A4 Horizontal Band Saw – 2008

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HEM H105A4 Horizontal Pivot, Heavy-Duty, Metal-Cutting Band Saw

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Capacity: 16″ W x 14″ H
Blade: 1-1/4″ x 15’0″ x .042″
Motor: 7.5 HP
Bar-feed: 0-24″ (4 Indexes)

Easy View Console
The Control Console is located in an Easy View style control on a gooseneck mount, and can be pivoted for operator convenience.

24″ Solid Discharge Table
A standard 24″ solid discharge table provides easier handling after the cut. The table is 24″ in length and is fully coolant panned.

0-24″ Stroke Bar-Feed [4 Indexes]
The automatic Bar-Feed on the saw is comprised of an air operated shuttle vise feed system with a zero to 24″ four index feed stroke. The feed table includes a vertical alignment bar and me­chanical readout.

Part Quantity & Feed Counter
On the part quantity counter, press the buttons to show the desired number of pieces to cut. The digital display will match the number put in and will count down with each piece cut.

The bar-feed will stroke the number of times the feed counter is set to, up to 4 indexes.

Adjustable Main & Feed Vise
The saw vises slide on the vise ways. When the clamp is engaged, the air powered short stroking vise is pulled toward the fixed wear plate, clamping the material in place to ensure accurate cuts. The clamping pressure is easily adjusted to clamp various materials.

Hold Down Fixtures
Hold down fixtures also aid in the clamping of multiple pieces of material in a single row.

Adjustable Feed Rate & Cut Force
The saw arm Feed Rate can be adjusted from zero to 3 inches per second. Cutting force / pressure can be adjusted for effective metal removal rates.

Push Button Blade Speed
Blade speed can be adjusted with an infinitely variable speed drive from the console with push button controls. The blade speed is shown on the console with LED Readout.

Carbide Blade Guides
A blade guide system is composed of side and back guides, which are flat carbide inserts.

Manual Adjustable Guide Arm
The Guide Arm is adjusted manually to help stabilize the blade and reduce vibration, providing a better cutting surface.

Cut Watcher System
The patented Cut Watcher system monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system shuts down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded. This is a must for production cutting.

Manual Blade Tension
The Manual Blade Tensioner helps to keep the blade at the proper tension. It assures and maintains proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process.

The saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks or is out of stock, shown by the Broken Blade or Out-of-Stock Indicators.

Bullt-ln Flood Coolant System
The saw has a totally built-in coolant system with sealed coolant pump. The coolant is dispensed through the guide arms on both sides of the cut. A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down.