Hembrug Mikroturn 100

Hembrug Mikroturn 100 for sale
CNC Turning Center

Mfg 2004
Siemens 640D Control
Micro-Centric 3 Jaw pneumatic chuck thru spindle.
Sauter Live Tooling Turret / C axis interpolation
Some Tool Holders
Renishaw Tool Touch Arm
Vision System for Non-Contact Tool setting
Dual Coolant pumps with dual filtration
Vacuum system for thru spindle Vacuum Chucking
Machine Manuals
Temperature controlled hydraulic system
Hydrostatic ways & spindle 6,000 RPM
Temperature controlled coolant system thru turret
Low hours
Auxiliary pumps to extend the distance between the hydraulic system/coolant system in the machine, this allows for quieter operation and better temperature control.