Hexagon Metrology Optiv Classic 321 GL TP -OPTIV CMM – 2019

Hexagon Metrology Optiv Classic 321 GL TP -OPTIV CMM

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Material / Design Aluminium / Cross-table design
XY measuring table area 550 x 430 mm
XY measuring range 300 x 200 mm (12 x 8 in.)
Load-bearing capacity 20 kg
2.6. Measuring range
X axis 300 mm (12 in.)
Y axis 200 mm (8 in.)
Z axis 150 mm (6 in.)

Optiv Classic 321 GL TP -OPTIV Classic base machine (300 x 200 x 150 mm)
Pre-stressed carriages mounted on ultra-precise monorails linear scales with 0.05 μm
resolution after electronic interpolation mechanical linear guides on all axes bench top,
cantilever style with moving XY table mounting hardware for use of touch probes (HP-TM,
TP20 or TP 200) OPTICS High Resolution Color Camera, 1/2″ CCD
6.5x CNC Motorized Zoom Optics 1.0x Front Lens Attachment. FOV min-max 0.85X to 6.4X
ILLUMINATION Top Light: Coaxial White LED Backlight: Green LED Ring Light: Dual Angle,
(8-Segment x 45°, 4 Segments at 90°) Laser Locating Pointer