Iemca Ideal 320/12’ Barfeed – 2011

Iemca Ideal 320/12 Barfeed
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Bar Size Capacity 3 mm (.118″) – 20 mm (.787”) – 23.5 mm with front remnant ejection
Bar Length Capacity 12’
Maximum Bar Length 12’ 2”
Minimum Bar Length 63”
Magazine Capacity (280 mm) 14 bars of .787” or 93 bars of .118”
Maximum Remnant Length 10″
Operating Voltage 230 Volts AC 3 Phase (400 Volts available)
Control Voltage 24 Volts DC
Total Power Required 2.5 kVA/1.8kW
Compressed Air Required 90 psi, 10 cfm
Guide Channel Oil ISO FD 10, Quantity 15 gal. (Not included)
Feeding Speed 24″/sec (Adjustable)
Facing Accuracy +/-.010”
Bar Change Time 28 seconds for 12′ bar
Bar Straightness Required .007″/foot
Bar Feeder Shipping Weight 1700 lbs.

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Features & Benefits
Best competitive price for medical and other small, precision parts
with OD up to 20 mm

The IDEAL 320 is designed for Swiss type lathes for applications
from .118” to .787” (From 3 mm to 20 mm)

Mitsubishi PLC and Servo…remote control pendant supplied as
standard feature

Hydraulic oil support and closed design guide channels allows
high RPM

Front “outboard” bushing device – adjustable to all diameters
without the need to replace parts, allows a better bar stock
support and helps reducing vibrations