Ikegai ANC-56 CNC Engine Lathe (2000)

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Fanuc 18 11″ thru hollow spindle Approx 475″ between centers Right side approx 240″ travel (tail stock 6MT programmable) Left side approx 140″ travel (tail stock 6MT manual) Approx 63″ between chuck faces Tool station 8 on right turret has an additional programmable tool changer that holds approx 12 od turning tools 2ea 28″ x 11″ thru 4 jaw chucks 2ea 21″ x 8″ 3 jaw chucks specially designed to mount directly to the 4 jaw chucks 3ea steady rests approx 18″ max 2ea large deep hole boring bar holders approx 5″ dia (includes 5″ carbide/steel hybrid boring bar with quick change head) The machine is extremely well tooled including multiple boring bar and od holders, special speed wrenches, rollers for moving long parts, mag base extensions etc.