Makino A61NX-5E 5-Axis FMS – 2017

Makino A61NX-5E 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center w/ FMS Cell

X-Axis: 28.7″
Y-Axis: 28.7″
Z-Axis: 26.8″
B-Axis: 290° (-110° ~ +180°) Direct Drive
C-Axis: 360° Direct Drive
Spindle Speed: 24,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: HSK A63
Rapid Traverse: 1,890 ipm (X&Y), 1,693 ipm (Z)
Cutting Feedrate: 1,890 ipm (X&Y), 1,693 ipm (Z)
Maximum Workpiece: 27.6″ ø x 15.75″ (with limitations)
Coolant Pressure: 1000 PSI
ATC Capacity: 313
Pallet Size: 15.75″ (x8)
Maximum Tool Diameter: 6.7″
Maximum Tool Weight: 26.5 Lbs

Linear Pallet Pool System (MMC2):
-Rail Guided Vehicle
-Pallet Stocker
-Guide Rail and Trolley
-Floor Rail and Optical Communications
-RGV Controller
-Worksetting Station
-PC Based System Controller
-Guard Fence
-Pallet Stocker (4×2 Level)
-Load/Unload Station

Equipped With:
-Pro 5 CNC Control
-MP Max Software
-Linear Pallet Pool System w/ 8 Pallets and Load/Unload Station
-MMC2 Upgrade to 4-Spigot Pallet Configuration (x8 Pallets)

Standard Features:
-Super GI.4 Control
-Structural Aerospace Package
-24K RPM Spindle
-HSK A63 Spindle Interface
-313 Tool ATC
-1000 PSI Thru SPindle Coolant & Air
-Chip Conveyor BDW1030
-Center Trough Chip Conveyor

-Tool Center Point Control for 5-Axis Machining
-High Speed Smooth TCP
-3-Dimensional Cutter Compensation
-Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset
-60 Hz/460V

Machine Options:
-Rigid Tap
-Y-Axis Stroke 730mm Spec. High Column
-B,C-Axis Rotary Table
-Scale Feedback X, Y, Z-Axis 0.05 Micron
-Feed Axis Acceleration X/Y = 1G/1G
-Automatic Greese Supply Device
-Pallet Changer
-Safety Cover
-APC Door Interlock
-Random Pallet Selection
-Pallet Clamp Confirmation Function
-WHP 400mm Square (2 Pallets)
-Eight Nozzle Coolant
-Overhead Shower Coolant System (14 Nozzles)
-Terrace Washing Coolant
-Water Soluble Coolant
_Automatic Splash Guard
-Operator Door Lock
-250mm Joint Mount for Mist Collector
-Air Dryer
-Automatic Fire Extinguisher Interface
-Portable Manual Pulse Generator w/ Handle Enable Button
-Signal Light 3-Layer
-Operator Step
-Splash Guard
-UL Electrical Specification
-Fast Ethernet Interface
-Workpiece Setting Function (Including Tilting Working Plane Indexing Command)

-Linear Interpolation Type Positioning
-Inverse Time Function
-1000 Registered Programs
-Data Center Storage
-Tool Offsets Pairs (99)
-Tool Offset Memory Type A
-Additional 48 Work Offsets
-Custom Macros (600 Common Variables)

-Full set of manuals