Matsuura MAM72-100H (2-Pallet) 5-Axis – 2015

Matsuura MAM72100H (5-Axis) 5-Axis CNC HMC

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Movement and Ranges
X-axis 41.33″
Y-axis 36.22″
Z-axis 37.79″
A-axis -120 to +30 dee
C-axis Table rotation axis 360 deg
Pallet Surface to Spindle Center -10.63 – 25.59”
Pallet Center to Spindle Gauge Line 5.9” – 43.7”
Pallet Center to X-Zero Position 22.63”
No. of Pallets 2 / Rotary Type
Pallet Weight 616 lbs
Pallet Work Surface 24.8” x 24.8”
Max Work Envelope Dia. 39.37” x H 30.31”
Distance from Floor to Pallet Surface 60.82”
Index Increment A/C 0.001 / 0.001 Deg
Length: 26’ x 19’ x 12’ Including room for the Stairs, Chip pan with Conveyor

10,000 rpm hi-torque motor
CAT-50 Big-plus
2 pallets
240 position Rack Type ATC
Renishaw NC-4 laser Tool Measurement System
Renishaw Part Probe
Linear scales on all axes
Fanuc AICCII high speed machining function / IZ-2 with data server
5 Axes Fanuc control functions
Spindle load monitoring function
Coolant through spindle, 300 psi with external air blow
Mist collector
Dual internal screw conveyor
Mayfran chip conveyor with Drum filter system

Cutting hours 30 048h