Mazak Integrex i100S – 2015

Mazak Integrex i100S CNC Turning / Milling Center

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max Swing Over Carriage: 20.9″
Max Machining Diameter: 19.7″
Max Cutting Length: 33.6″
Max Distance Between Chuck Jaws: 35.55″
X-Axis Stroke: 17.72″
X-Axis Below Spindle Center Line: 1.96″
Z-Axis Stroke: 35.59″
W-Axis Stroke (Second Spindle): 35.55″
Y-Axis Stroke: 8.27″, +/- 4.13″
B-Axis Stroke: (0.0001 Degree incr.) 240 Degrees
B-Axis Travel: -30 to 210 Degrees
C-Axis Control – Main/Second Spindle: True C-Axis

Main Spindle Chuck Size: 6″ Diameter
Main Spindle Bar Capacity: 1.65″ (2″??)
Main Spindle Speed: 6,000 RPM
Main Spindle Index – Prog True C: 0.0001 Degree
Main Spindle Motor: 10/15 HP
Main Spindle Power: 105 Ft Lbs
Main Spindle C-Axis Clamping Torque: 1,315 Ft Lbs

Second Spindle Chuck Size: 6″ Diameter
Second Spindle Speed: 6,000 RPM
Second Spindle Index – Prog True C: 0.0001 Degree
Second Spindle Motor: 10/15 HP
Second Spindle Power: 105 Ft Lbs
Second Spindle C-Axis Clamping Torque: 1,315 Ft Lbs

Type of Turret: 1 Position
Turret Positioning: 0.0001 Degree (B-Axis)
Rotary Tool Spindle Motor: 7.5/10/12 HP
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM

Tool Magazine Capacity: 36 Tools
Tool Selection Method: Random
Tool-Tool Time: 1.3 Sec
Maximum Tool Diameter (full) 3.54″
Maximum Tool Diameter (adjacent empty) 5.12″
Maximum Tool Length: 9.84″
Maximum Tool Weight: 11 Lbs

Rapid Traverse:
X/Y/Z-Axes: 1575 IPM
W-Axis: 1181 IPM
C-Axis: 555 IPM
B-Axis: 40 IPM

Equipped With:
Mazak Smooth HX Control
Kitagawa BB-206 A5 Chucks
Dual Spindle, Dual Chuck
36 ATC Capto Tool Magazine
Tool Holders
Collet Chucks with Collets
Chip Conveyor

Additional Options:
19″ Color CRT
EIA/ISO, Additional EIA/ISO Functions
3-D Coordinate Conversion
G00 Slope Constant
Cylindrical (G12) (EIA)
Independent Rotation
C Axis 0.0001 Increment (1st spindle)
15 HP A2-05 Spindle Nose 1st Spindle
15 HP Second Spindle C Axis 0.0001 Increment
Chuck Air Blast 1st and 2nd Spindle
Rotary Tool Speed 12,000 RPM
B Axis Contouring 0.0001 Degree
36 ATC Capto Tool Magazine
6” Dia. Through Hole Chuck for Second Spindle
Kitagawa BB-206 Chuck
Automatic Tool Eye
Coolers for Ball Screws X, Z-Axes
Automatic Parts Catcher with Ejector
5-Axis Machining Package For Smooth hx
Tool Radius Comp 5 Axis (G41.5/G42.5)
Signal Tower (3) Lights
Software Upgrade To Support Windows 8
Standard 230 Volt Electrics
Re-Threading Function
ATS System True Length Collet
Error Compensation G54.4
EIA Dynamic, Compensation 1, Work Setting
Draw Bar Adaptor For Optional 2” Bar Capacity Package
Fire Suppressant System
Turret Air Blast
Flood Coolant Nozzle
213 PSI Through Coolant
X,Y,Z Pitch Error Compensation