Mazak Optiplex 3015 6000 Watt Fiber Laser – 2016

Mazak Optiplex 3015 6000 Watt Fiber Laser
Wattage: 6000 Watts
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 60.030” x 120.078”
Maximum workpiece weight: 2,050 lbs.
Machine travels
X-axis: 122.5”
Y-axis: 62.20”
Z-axis: 4.33”
Work table height: 35.43”
Maximum material thickness
Mild steel: 1.00”
Stainless steel: 1.00”
Aluminum: 0.750”
Motion drive system design
X, Y Axis: Rack and Pinion drive
Z Axis: Ball screw drive
Number of control axes: 3
Rapid travel speed
X, Y Axis: 4,724 Inches per minute
Positioning accuracy:
X,Y Axis: 0.0002 inch/19.68 inch
Z Axis: 0.0004 inch/3.94 inch
Repeatable Accuracy
X, Y Axis: 0.0012”
Maximum processing feedrate
X, Y axis: 2,362 IPM
Machine On Hours: 32,000
Equipped With:
IPG Resonator
Mazatrol Preview 3 CNC Control
Auto Nozzle Changer
Dust Collector