Mikron HSM400 7-Pallet – 2007

MIKRON HSM400 High Speed CNC Machining Center


No. of Pallets: (7)
Pallet Size: 12.5” x 12.6”

Max. table load 265 LBS

Rapid traverse, all Axes: 1575 IPM

X 15.76″
Y 17.73″
Z 13.79″

Motor: 13.42HP (10 Kw)

Tool Holder: HSK E40
Max. Spindle Speed: 100 – 42,000 RPM
Electrical Requirement: 400V / 3Phase

Machine Dimensions: 125″ x 88″ x 104″
Weight 14,800 LBS

Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC Control
Ethernet Interface
6 GB NC Programming ( 30 million blocks)
Look Ahead (256 Blocks)
All 3 Axes Circular Interpolation
Helical Interpolation
Electronic Movable Handwheel Control
42,000 RPM Spindle
Air Blast Tool Cleaning
Pep. For Graphite Dust Removal Unit
TCD 36 HSK 40E 34-Position Tool Changer
Laser Tool Measurement
Touch Probe
High Resolution Glass Scales on All Axes
PS 32:00 Touch Probe
Dynafix 280 x 280mm Table Chuck
Dynafix 280 x 280mm Pallet Changer
ITC – Intelligent Thermal Control
Chip Sump with Coolant Tank
Flood coolant system
Splash guards
Measuring Probe
Misc. Tooling
Lift up
Oil Mist Spray Unit Chip Conveyor & Chiller
Base – Polymer Concrete Construction