Mitsubishi MWX4-612 Waterjet – 2012

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Mitsubishi MWX4-612 CNC Waterjet Cutting System with Upgraded KMT Intensifier (Pro 3) 90,000 PSI

Mitsubishi MWX43-612 Waterjet Cutting System with Upgraded KMT intensifier (Pro 3) 90,000 PSI
The Mitsubishi MWX4 is a premium high-precision water-jet featuring an upgraded KMT 90K PSI pump. The pump has been recently rebuilt and the machine is available immediately.

X-3 Series MWX4-612 Specifications:
Max X-Axis stroke 144”
Max Y-Axis stroke 72”
Z-Axis stroke 10”
Max Workpiece dimensions 82” W x 153” L x 10” H
Work tank access Open on 3 sides
Max Workpiece Weight 250 lbs/ft²
Working table height from floor 32”
Machine Weight without tank 12,000 lbs
Tank Weight 4,700 lbs
Tank Volume 1,650 gal
Rapid Travels Speed 500”/min
Machine Unit Dimensions 200” W x 150” L x 88” H

Closed Loop Water Recycling & Filtration System + Chiller:
Close the drain operation
Reduce water consumption
Maximizes pump performance
Maximizes orifice/focus tube life

Stand Alone Chiller:
Refrigeration type liquid chiller
60-gallon reservoir
Water/Glycol (70% / 30% mixture)
Footprint: 75” L x 70” H x 37” W

Equipped With:
Abrasive Removal System
Abrasive Removal System with Submerged Cutting
Remote Hand Pendant
Automatic Touch Probe
Laser Pointer
Upgraded KMT intensifier (pro 3) 90,000 PSI
Mitsubishi CNC Controller

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