Mitutoyo Bright A916 CMM – 1999

1998/99 Mitutoyo model Bright A916 36″ x 60″ x 24″ CNC Coordinate Measurement Machine with full Cad Measurement Capabilities

BRIGHT Apex 916
CNC Floor Type Coordinate Measuring Machine
Style: Floor
Measurement Type: Touch Trigger
Frame Type: Moving Bridge Control: Mitutoyo
Max Part Size 91.000 in X 42.000 in X 29.000 in
Table Size (inches) 91.000 Inches X 42.000 Inches
X Axis Travels 36.000 Inches
Y Axis Travels 63.000 Inches
Z Axis Travels 24.000 Inches
Maximum Rapid Rate 17
B89 Volumetric Accuracy 0.00035 “/B89
Resolution 0.000020 Inches
Machine Length 65.00 Inches
Machine Width 105.00 Inches
Machine Height 107.00 Inches
Machine Weight 6,024 lbs.

Condition; Like new
Make of the CMM Mitutoyo
Model of the CMM Bright A916 Model #3995M-3312
CNC or Manual CNC
Software Version on the CMM Mcosmos-1 v3.3R4
Year of manufacture I believe 1998 or 1999 I am still looking into this
Probe Head ( example PH10 T – Renishaw) PH50
Probe Body and Styli
Probe holder / rack N/A
Last Calibration Date. 05-11-16
Reason for Sale it’s in another building and not utilized enough
Type of Room and Environmental Controls Clean room air conditioning and heat Climate controlled 24-7