Nakamura-Tome Super NTY3 – 2017

(MFG 2017, Installed New 2018)

5000 RPM Left Spindle Speed 15/10 HP Fanuc Spindle Motor
6000 RPM Right Spindle Speed 15/10 HP Fanuc Spindle Motor
51mm (2.0) Bar Capacity – Left Spindle
42mm (1.7) Bar Capacity – Right Spindle
Chuck Open / Close Foot Switch
Fixed Airblow Left / Right Spindles
Full “C” Axis Milling Unit – Left and Right Spindles
19 LCD with PC Base CNC Control NT Smart X
Luck Bei II (3D Smart Pro)
NT Nurse II System
NT Work Navigator
Parts Catcher
Safety Interlock for Chucking Failure
Spindle Lock for Main and Sub
Spindle Speed Override Switch Left / Right Spindles
Splash Guards with Safety Door Interlock
Handy Tool Tray
Y Axis Function 2 Upper and 1 Lower Turret
Helical Interpolation

Fanuc 31i-B CNC Control
3 Turrets with Milling and Y-Axis
Hainbuch Collet Chuck on Main
3-Jaw Chuck on Sub
Chip Blaster GV3-120 High Pressure Coolant System
FMB Turbo 5-65/3800 “A” Bar Feeder
Renishaw Tool Setter
LNS Chip Coveyor
Parts Catcher
Tooling on turrets included