Nakamura-Tome Super NTY3-250 – 2017

Nakamura NTY3-250 Multi-Axis CNC Lathe

Nakamura Tome NT-Smart X CNC Control
Spindle Speed 4500 rpm with 20 HP
(3) Turrets, (2 Upper and 1 Lower Turret)
Left/Right Spindles Full “C” Axis
Bar capacity Main 2.5” and Bar Capacity Sub 2.00”
Milling Unit – Left/Right Spindles
LNS Chip Conveyor and Parts Catcher
High Pressure Coolant Thru (3 Turrets)
Manual Tool Presetter
Schunk TOTA NCD 215-66 2-Jaw Chuck sub
Royal Quick Grip Acu-Length CNC Collet Main
Edge Technologies FMB Turbo 5-65 Magazine Barfeeder
Heimatec Universal Head 90 Degree Adjustable
9 Axial Live and 9 Radial live holders, Lots of static holders