Okuma 2SP-150HM Twin spindle Twin Turret with Milling & Robot – 2016

Okuma 2SP150HM Twin Spindle Twin Turret CNC Lathe with Milling and Robotic Loader

Max. Turning Diameter 8.66″
Max. Turning Length 5.91″
X-Axis 5.91″
Z-Axis 6.10″
C-Axis deg 360″ (min angle Increment 0.001″)
Speed range 50-4500 RPM
Type V12 NC
Rotary Tool Spindle
Speed Range 6000 RPM
Spindle drive 15/10 HP
Turret Rotary Drive 2.40 HP

2SP-150HM Auto Load Kit
Combination Jaws F/Turnover
OGL-3 FG C-Kit 16-Stat 2 Lift
Chuck Miss Detect Air (Both)
Coolant Level Check
Shower Coolant B (Both)
Conveyor Rear Discharge
Conveyor Coil Augers
Combination Jaws F/Loader
Load Monitor
Work Flow Changeable Spec
I/O Variable User Task II
Spare M-Codes 8 sets
Transformer Multi-Tap 50/60hz
Post Prod Gag BCD
Pitch Error Compensation
MP Systems 1000 PSI High Pressure Coolant
(Previous owner never used the milling function, one unused live tool is included)