OKUMA LU-35-IIM-2SC-2000 (2016)

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Swing over bed:  29”

Swing over saddle:  18.90”

Distance between centers:  78.74”

Max. turning diameter: 21.65”

Max. work length:  81.50”

Spindle rpm:  2,800, 4-speed ranges

Spindle bore:  6.880” (175 to 180 mm) = 7.0866”

Spindle mount:  A2-15

Spindle HP:  50

Spindle index increments:  0.001 degree

Turrets:  12 station upper and all live mill capable, 10 station lower

Rapid travels:  591 ipm in X, 787 ipm in Z

Live milling rpm:  4-2,000

Live mill HP:  7/5

Dimensions:  8’ x 21’

Weight:  36,080 lbs.



OSP-P300L controls

Portable pulse handle

Multi Tap transformer

Super Big Bore spindle A2-15

A2-15 rear of spindle prepped for chuck adapter

Thread start point offset

Chip conveyor

Prepped for SMW air chuck for both

Hyd/air chuck switchable interface

Variable spindle speed threading

Rapid traverse over ride switch

Schunk 500 mm front self-contained pneumatic chuck with 7” bore

4-jaw manual independent 600 mm rear chuck package

Chuck jaws

Tool holders